Bibeksheel urges larger alliance

The party had entered Nepal’s political landscape with an agenda to provide an alternative political voice.

In a press statement on Thursday, the BSP, said the alternative political forces was not a choice, but a need for the country as traditional political parties have failed the country even after 27 years of democracy.

“If only long-established political forces had upgraded the political system with the time, the country would never require an alternative force. The fact that even after 27 years of democracy, their leaders have kept their cadres and citizens of the country in dark while keeping themselves clean and polluting the politics as well as making themselves prosperous, but people unhappy, is not hidden from anyone,” read the statement.

The party has requested public, cadres and supporters of other political parties, their local and central level leaders to come and join the historic alternative forces in order to establish itself at centre after the next elections.

The party has also cast its doubts over the majority government of the Left Alliance, saying Nepalis’ dream of seeing a prosperous Nepal in their lifetime is unlikely to come true in the current political landscape.

“There is a growing doubt that the development and prosperity agenda of the powerful Left Alliance government, which has come after a long political transition, is likely to be limited to big-talks only.

Published: 04-05-2018 08:44



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